Cuattro High Definition X-Ray

We use Cuattro High Definition X-Ray.  This new X-Ray machine provides us with state of the art technology used in most modern human Hospitals. We are very excited to have this available for all of our patients and be able to now shoot x-rays in high definition aiding in the diagnoses of our patients.  Our x-ray equipment is capable of digitally sending our x-rays out to specialty centers for further diagnoses and readings. 

Heska and Idexx in-house laboratory

We have also update part of our in-house lab equipment with 3 brand new HESKA machines in combination with our existing IDEXX equipment.  We have the most comprehensive in-house lab in Klamath Falls with very few test needing to be sent to an outside lab. 

Oncura Ultrasound with Telemedicine

Our new ultrasound is also state-of-the-art and has built in telemedicine capabilities so we can send our ultrasounds to a certified sonographer for and expert reading when needed. 

While change is always somewhat hard, we are very excited about all of this new technology and the features we are constantly adding to our clinic. Our goal is to provide our patients and their families with the very best care possible using the best people, equipment and technology while still offering affordable prices.


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