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Pet Wellness Exams at Your Source for All Things Veterinary in Klamath Falls

Keeping your pet well is not only much more convenient and cost-effective than treating illnesses after they occur it's also a much more humane approach to take for your beloved friend. Here at Companion Pet Clinic, your source for all things veterinary in Klamath Falls, our dedicated team in proud to provide state-of-the-art pet wellness exams that can help ensure a longer, happier, healthier life for your pet.

Cat getting checked by veterinarian.

Why Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam?

Your pet may seem perfectly healthy -- but is he? Many health problems can lurk invisibly, especially in their early stages. Intestinal parasites, heartworm infestations, organ dysfunction or even deadly cancer may show no signs until the problem is well advanced, by which point the available treatment may prove both more complex and less successful. Catching such problems as early as possible enables your veterinarian in Klamath Falls to initiate treatment right away for optimal results.

It's also important to recognize that a pet's wellness needs and challenges may change over time. A puppy or kitten may have different dietary needs, activity requirements or preventative care schedules than an adult animal, while senior pets face additional risks for age-related diseases and disorders. Pet wellness exams can take these changes into account and address specific problems associated with your pet's time of life. These pet wellness exams are also a great opportunity to talk to your veterinarian in Klamath Falls about any pet care concerns or questions you may have.

What to Expect from Your Pet’s Wellness Exam in Klamath Falls

Regardless of your pet's age, a typical pet wellness exam in Klamath Falls will include a comprehensive evaluation of his health from nose to tail, inside and out. Your vet will:

  • Check vital signs and numbers such as heartbeat, breathing rate, pulse and blood pressure
  • Examine the skin for pests, irritations, infections, wounds or suspicious lumps
  • Submit blood and urine samples for laboratory tests to check internal organ function and detect possible diseases
  • Check fecal samples for any signs of parasitic infestation
  • Examine external features such as the eyes and ears
  • Examine your pet's teeth and oral cavity for any indications or injury, damage or disease
  • Weigh your pet to see whether he is eating too much and/or getting enough exercise

A pet wellness exam is also the most opportune time to have any necessary wellness procedures performed. Your veterinarian in Klamath Falls can administer vaccinations, perform spay and neuter surgery, clean your pet's teeth and take care of any other regular essentials. We can also prescribe medication, recommend exercise programs or dietary changes, and dispense any other treatments or advice based on what we find in the exam.

Visit the Animal Hospital Klamath Falls Trusts

When your pet needs a thorough wellness exam, visit the animal hospital Klamath Falls trusts and relies on. Contact us at 541-882-7674 to schedule that wellness exam at Companion Pet Clinic!


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